Monday, March 8, 2010

Reconditioned and Refurbished Used Buses

Major Vehicle Exchange follows an extensive reconditioning program including mechanics, appearance and cleaning.

Observing these used bus guidelines will help you make a more informed and confident purchasing decision. Remember to always consider the cost of reconditioning a used bus when comparing prices. A reconditioned used bus for sale may be a little more expensive, but in the long run, the better choice due to lower maintenance costs after your purchase. With a reconditioned used bus there are fewer worries of unexpected repairs. Confidence and reliability should always be a key factor in your used bus purchase.

Beware that some used bus dealers will label a used bus as reconditioned after only touching-up the exterior and detailing the seats. That is only a fraction of what a truly reconditioned bus should be.

All of our used buses for sale are refurbished and go through a thorough inspection with over 125 mechanical parts and assemblies inspected serviced and repaired. We either repair or replace items that don’t pass our inspection which exceeds state mandated items. Some parts like alternators, starters, water pumps, power steering pumps, pulley bearings, brake calipers and pads, ball joints and steering stabilizers are particularly prone to wear and we pay particular attention to them. Other parts like wheel covers, winshield wipers and tires are often replaced. Of course, all lights and safety equipment as well as handicapped lifts are double checked before delivery. We also paint all of our mini to mid-size used shuttle buses for sale at least from the windows down so that there will be no overlooked blemishes from prior owners decals. Whenever customers visit our location to see our inventory, they know the photos posted on our website are accurate and the buses are ready for delivery! View them now at

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