Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shuttle bus purchases away from home

Superior Service from Major Vehicle Exchange!

Buying a used vehicle can be a risky business but not if you buy from the right company. Major Vehicle Exchange is an established bus dealer that has been in business since 1985 and since then has specialized in the sale of reconditioned used buses for transportation companies, adults, seniors and churches. Buses are fantastic as they can be used for a variety of purposes as well as being an economical way of transporting large groups of people around. Even if you are looking for a bus for a special purpose like conversion into a tour bus, a mobile showroom or just to transport your large family around, then Major Vehicle Exchange is the place for you!

With Major Vehicle Exchange you do not to be concerned as to the quality of the used vehicles. Each of the vehicles on sale from Major Vehicle Exchange is thoroughly road tested, checked for mechanical and appearance defects and any necessary mechanical repairs are carried out by the Department of Transportation certified technicians. And you can of course inspect the bus for yourself before purchasing.

Not only does Major Vehicle Exchange offer a range of high-quality vehicles but they also pride themselves on providing the best customer service possible. The company has a team of friendly staff who put your needs first and offer a variety of delivery options designed for buses and specialty vehicles. The company itself is located 35 miles from New York City in suburban Long Island, but if you are not nearby then there are a variety of delivery options that will insure your vehicle reaches you in the fastest time possible and in the best condition. If you are prepared to travel and are not too far away, then the company itself is easily reached from the nearby Long Island Expressway at Exit 40 West and LaGuardia, JFK International and Long Island MacArthur airports are conveniently only a few minutes from the office.

Of course if you can get to the office and back in one day then great, but if not then don’t worry. Picking up your vehicle in person is recommended if possible, but if you live too far away to make the trip in a day then rest-assured that the company will make it their mission to give you all the information you need about lodging and where to eat during your stay. The main aim of the company is to make the buying process as convenient and comfortable as possible for the customer, so don’t think that all connections are cut as soon as the money exchanges hands; this is not how Major Vehicle Exchange operates!

If you are not in the situation to come and pick up your vehicle in person, then do not worry. The logistical delivery services put in place by the company allow for shipping anywhere in North America providing for the most options available in the industry today. The company is able to deliver the bus directly to your location anywhere in the United States, Canada, South America, Puerto Rico or to a port of your choice if more convenient.

The typical drive-away cost is $1.25 per mile or a flatbed service of $1.25-$2.00 per mile so it is worth bearing in mind that if more than one vehicle delivered per load it can save you money.

Major Vehicle Exchange is a well-established company that is knowledgeable in the exportation and transportation of buses so let us help you get your vehicle delivered safely and efficiently!

The company's website that includes their current inventory is and their phone number is 516-333-7483 for more information.

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