Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Major Vehicle Exchange Guide To Used Buses

Are you looking for a shuttle bus but can't afford a new one? If the answer is yes, then you should consider buying a used shuttle bus from Major Vehicle Exchange. Purchasing a used bus can be very time consuming because there are many variations in condition, size, construction material, seating number, configurations and options.

Please take a look at Major Vehicle Exchange's guide to used buses below:

Used shuttle buses give both passengers and operators many benefits especially lower cost without sacrificing safety, seating capacity and amenities. When looking at used shuttle buses you should first take these points into consideration. Used shuttle buses are a great way to keep your business costs down, while providing quality transport for your passengers. Try to provide your passengers with a comfortable ride by choosing a shuttle bus with nice features and a clean look. 

Shuttle buses come in many different configurations and are designed for different markets. Many shuttle buses are designed for transportation of seniors and adults, including the handicapped. Some shuttle buses are designed for airport use and are equipped with luggage racks and or luggage compartments, while other shuttle buses are designed strictly for multiple passenger use. Major Vehicle Exchange sells reconditioned used shuttle buses for every occasion, including tour, airport shuttle, church and charter use. We also sell shuttle buses with wheelchair lifts for assisted living facilities and adult senior care organizations.

If you are a commercial operator, the first step in buying a used shuttle bus is to know who your target market is and base your purchase on your budget and seating requirements. An example is airport shuttle buses. These will require luggage racks or separate luggage compartments as well as comfortable seating to ensure passengers and their luggage arrive at their hotel or airport terminal.

If some of your passengers are handicapped, then choose a bus with a wheelchair lift and perhaps a rear door and flip up seats for multiple wheelchair positions to meet their needs, even if occasional. Major Vehicle Exchange has multiple wheelchair accessible shuttle buses in stock, ready for delivery.

A substantial portion of the used shuttle bus business is dedicated to churches with their varying needs and budgets. We offer small non-cdl buses equipped with handicapped lifts intended for senior citizens and the handicapped to larger vehicles of up to 45 passengers intended for social gatherings and retreats.

Reconditioned used shuttle buses (our specialty) are budget-friendly and average 33 to 45% of the cost of new buses.

Choosing between gas or diesel powered shuttle buses is another consideration in the buying process. Diesel buses generally can run for far longer periods than gas powered buses although they come at a higher cost, both at the pump and in purchase price. Gas powered buses tend to be less costly and can be easier to start and drive while producing less noise when operating. 

If you are planning on making a used shuttle bus purchase, take a look at Major Vehicle Exchange offers both gas and diesel powered buses, in many configurations to suit your business or personal needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to customize used buses for specific custom applications including conversion to work and recreational use.

We also encourage our prospective client to have the used shuttle buses independently inspected prior to purchase to ensure a safe, reliable bus for many years. Major Vehicle Exchange recommends several independent inspection services that will report directly back to interested buyers.
The cost of these services is nominal and saves the expense of coming to our location while allowing the entire group to view a comprehensive private report.


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